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Functionality and usability

The Internet has changed... is changing...

The new net

Has become more:

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Smarter
  • Friendly

Usability and user experience

Users are silently demanding more. Even the most basic user has become subconsciously aware of ‘best practices’, and expect to experience:

  • Website efficiency, ease of use and consistency with other websites
  • Human to website interaction, and more importantly
  • Website to human interaction


Functionality, is not about having a great deal of ‘things’ to do on a site. It’s not about blogs, forums, guest books, surveys, polls, email, galleries, and more.

To have a functional website, the end task must be focused and precise (it can be fun too!). A clear direction for a user greatly enhances their positive connection to your site; not just having the feeling overwhelming options.

It was about accessibility

Historically, the catch cry was make it accessible. As long as the page existed and people could get to it, that was ‘enough’.

The digital landscape has become more populated, and it’s become as simple as that statement.

To be of use to a user, you need to provide both efficiency and value.