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Content Management System CMS

See how easy it is to manage and update your content. Create and edit pages or rapidly install new features.

See our recommended CMS, SilverStripe in action.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

A CMS makes it very simple to manage the content of your site, without having to change settings or code. A great CMS has a user friendly interface and a balance between advanced features and simplicity.

CMS also makes it easy to access relevant information, new features and even track and access the content history of your site.

Change pages and page content like a word editor

Really! Take a look at the screen-shot or see our guide. The vast majority of editing can be managed by real people with a little word document knowledge.


CMS editor user interface in action


View our quick start guide on how to accomplish the common tasks of content creation - easy.

Value for money - it’s cheaper in the long run

When you have the ability to handle your content, make updates, change pages, release new information, you have taken back the maintenance and editorial role. The small setup fee pales in comparison to the hours you save, making your site cheaper in the long run.

Grow your website

With a CMS comes a community of developers and programmers who are committed in adding new functionality, in the form of plugins and to keep the CMS up-to-date.

This means you are able to tap into that rich feature set and keep costs down, expanding your site when needed.

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