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The following help information assists you to use this site and how to receive further help.

Contact us 

The best methods of getting in touch are found on the contact us page.

Using this site 

Sharing and social bookmarking
There is a utility to share our website and in particular the current page with your favorite social network site, such as Facebook, MySpace, Digg and Twitter.
Use the share bar to choose your social network site.


There are several ways to navigate this web site, options include:

Main navigation - Top of page

At the page’s top is a main navigation bar.

This bar displays links to important pages on the site and may include additional links to secondary content via a pull down menu.

Related links - Right content column

To the right of the main content are links that will take you pages with related content.

Breadcrumb - underneath main heading

A relative chain of page links, stepping all the way from your current page, back to the home page.

Top of the page - links throughout content

Links are scattered through this web site with the word “top” or similar. This link will take your view of the current page back to the top. Handy if you are on a long page.

Quicklinks - bottom of content

We have provided quick links to page’s you may be most interested in.

Other links - bottom of page

Use these link areas to find further pages of interest.


Browser requirements 

Browsers and setting that provide the best online experience include:

  • Browser: use a modern, up-to-date browser. Recommended browsers are: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 8+.
  • Images: should be allowed to display.
  • Javascript: should be turned on and allowed for a rich experience.
  • Screen resolution: It is ideal to have a minimum screen width of 1024px.
  • PDF: should either be opened and read by the browser or by a stand alone program.

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Privacy and Terms of use 

See details for the privacy policy and terms of use for this site.