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Case Studies

The following examples are a small selection of real world examples of how Social and digital marketing have helped business' reach and truly engage large amounts of consumers.


Chase Bank

Setting aside $10million dollars and using Facebook, Chase Bank asked users to vote for small and local charities it thought deserving.

The campaign drew 4.2billion impressions.

Was seen 267million times and resulted in 2.5million people connecting with the brand.



Channel Seven

Integrating live twitter interaction and questions during broadcast of popular shows, especially reality TV shows.

Channel Seven engages their consumers on a direct level, long after the shows have finished airing.



Rough and Ready

Working to refine keyword lists and optimise ad text messages has paid off. Not only does MobileDemand receive 90 percent of its leads through Adwords, it has also reduced its monthly online advertising cost by 56 percent since January 2007. "Since we started using Adwords, our site traffic has increased 500 percent," says Matt. "It is fundamental to how we conduct business."

"It’s pretty amazing that we’re competing with much bigger companies that have Superbowl ads and advertise on cable channels," Matt continues. "Our innovative product offerings and Google’s innovative marketing approach are a perfect marriage for delivering our message to the targeted masses."




An integrated strategy, Snickers advertised during the Superbowl and in the days following saw an 18,000 percent rise in queries containing their brand name. Doritos, another advertiser saw rates increase by 5,000 percent.

The Old Spice guy

A runaway success at generating interest and brand exposure, the Old Spice guy is a hit and brings a refreshing appeal to the brand.

"The Old Spice Twitter account accumulated tens of thousands of new followers and the YouTube videos amassed hundreds of thousands of views."


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